This page offers opportunity to read some of my published essays.

Delivering     A tribute to fathers, literally to my father, Albert Leichliter and metaphorically to a literary father, Andre Dubus.  “Delivering” first appeared in Porcupine in 2005 (Volume 9, Issue 1).

“I remember loving to run,” my father said through the open window, the big, green Buick coasting at idle.  “Running,” he had said, “only because you could.”  I raced down sidewalks bright in moonlight like stripes between the black of asphalt and the seeming black of lawns, only the occasional rhombus of thin yellow light spilling from awakened windows, the sky that blue-grey pre-dawn filter promising daylight.  Five AM Sunday, no snow, and he’d worked six days, as he did every week for forty five years, now driving a route I’d pedaled in wind, rain, snow packed into flimsy Huffy fenders.

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Forgive the Asides    A rather strange, rambling rant on our collective short attention spans that attempts an “aside” treatise on sustainability. If you haven’t guessed, this essay offers a tongue-in-cheek look at contemporary culture and was first published in The Externalist: A Journal of Perspectives, Issue 6, February 2008.

Now where was I? (Isn’t this the classic statement of a TV generation member?) (Oh, and by the way, are all of our children really ADD/ADHD? [And what does it say that you will recognize that acronym?]) Oh, yes, contradictions. Which takes us back to back to the topic of DISCLOSURE.

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