Short Stories

This page offers opportunity to read some of my published short fiction:

Resting Places      When an aging farmer finds the body of a migrant worker has been dumped on his land, will he be able to keep the incident from forever haunting his life?  “Resting Places” first appeared in Matter in 2006 (Volume 8). Included in the collection: Lost & Found.

He knew what the dark, indistinct shape near the bottom of the nearly dry irrigation ditch was without looking.  He knew it with such certainty that he had to force himself to stop the tractor.  He coasted on another fifteen yards, his head turned towards the dark shape obscured by the stalks of dry weeds that would need burned clear next spring.  Dangerous not to keep watch ahead even when disking this open ground weeks after harvest.

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Sweetwater  Alone, pregnant, and isolated in an Oregon coastal town a thousand miles from her memories of a desert home and her deceased father, Emily tries to summon inner-strength from the distant past. “Sweetwater” first appeared in Fugue in 2003 (No. 26). Included in the collection: Lost & Found.

When Emily holds herself still enough, she can see the moisture suspended in the air, like bubbles—she imagines—are carried in the wake of a whale.  Droplets of water spotlight thin strands of spider webs in the hedge bordering the garden, and slugs litter the path to the shed.  Fog grips trees and the second stories of houses, paints dark hulls of ships at anchor with cloud drifts, patches of sheep’s hide, the spinning of silkworms.

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